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6-12th Curriculum

Saxon Math

From K-12th grade, students use Saxon Math because it provides an effective method by teaching new concepts incrementally while also consistently reinforcing prior lessons. 

Pearson and Apologia Science

Science curriculum for logic and rhetoric students seeks to emphasize interaction and experimentation. Pearson Interactive Science is used by 6th grade, while 7th-12th uses Apologia Science textbooks ranging from Biology and Chemistry, to Physical Science.

First and Second Form Latin and Latin for the New Millenium

6th-7th grades study Latin using Form Latin 1 and 2 textbooks. 8th-12th uses Latin for the New Millennium to build on their foundational knowledge of the language by reading real Latin authors.

The Art of Argument and The Discovery of Deduction

These two workbooks from Classical Academic Press guide students through the ins-and-outs of informal and formal logic.


Logic and Rhetoric students study Theology, History, and Literature using the Veritas Press Omnibus curriculum. Volumes I-VI feature Primary and Secondary books which cover every major period of history and the Great Books of Western Civilization. 

Rhetoric Alive!

11th and 12th grade students use Book 1: Principles of Persuasion in Rhetoric class and the Senior Thesis Student Workbook from Classical Academic Press to aid them in their theses. 

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